How to Use Pen Drive As RAM

Using a USB Pen Drive as RAM in Windows Vista , Windows 7 and 8

Hii friends ,today we guide you how to convert pendrive into ram. So friends now a days we all use pendrive in our daily life to transfer data to one place to another to help of pendrive .

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Random Access Memory (RAM), the ram is only a memory which use and takes load of our all the process that use in device , as we run a application like music ,game,videos etc all the task run in ram memory  it also a temporary memory  .when we run a lots pf task at same time then you may face a problem to use it and it message pup-up and show not responding problem it`s because of RAM .

RAM is a Cache memory and it lesser that your current application requirements .in this condition you will need ti increase your system RAM , now we guide you the best possible way  to use pd into ram .

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You dont worry we will use the concept of a virtual memory which can increase RAM by using pendrive as a Virtual ram . it also increase memory and some other function which you use and it overall performance because of good and some application also easily rum and it not responding issue .


Follow the below given guide step by step follow

How to Use Pendrive as RAM


  • Insert your pen drive and format it


  • Right click on your pen drive and click on “Properties

  • Click on ‘Ready boost‘ tab and then on “Use this device



  • Choose maximum space to reserve system speed
use pendrive as a ram

use pendrive as a ram

Click on OK and Apply

You are done it.



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