Increase ram in Android Mobile phone using SD Card

How To Increase RAM of Android Phone/Device Using SD/Memory Card

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Once again i come with new Technic, today i am introduce a way to increase ram in Android Mobile phones using SD Card . Android which is the best mobile OS till now a days and already got a big market with it`s feature and increasing number of smart phones based on Android. About 77% smart phone in the world are based on Android OS, And also there is increase of heavy applications that require more Ram to use. So, either change the phone or use this method to increase your smart phone RAM of Android phone. Also Know How To Update Android Smartphone or Tablet. There is large Android phone range from 4500 Rs to 45000 Rs. The difference in range is due to their hardware otherwise you can find a same Android version on a 4500 Rs mobile that a 45000 Rs Smart phone is using. This is because Google Android is Open source and is free for it.

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The major problem with these Android phones is they stuck and main reason behind is low internal memory or RAM is less to use. If you run too many applications at the same time your phone will freeze or hang due to less ram. So here i will tell you How to increase ram in Android phone or increase internal memory of Android phones using SD card method.

This difference in hardware can greatly affect your phone, you can not use bigger size apps, and can`t play heavy games or you can not run multiple applications at the same time or the hanging problem and many more. But everyone can not afford the high range smart phones. And majority of this problem is due to the processor and the ram size that give.

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Is there any solution to these problems ?

Yes one can increase ram in android phone . This may certainly help you to play some heavy games and may run many applications at same time. But it`s not the perfect solution as things depends on your processor and other hardware also, But increasing ram can help you a lot and is very easy and cheap to increase ram in Android Smart Phone.

Increase ram in Android Mobile phone using SD Card

Increase ram in Android Mobile phone using SD Card

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Best Working Methods to Increase RAM of Android Device

Increasing ram does not mean that you are internally adding some hardware to your Android device . It`s not possible for a normal man to alter the hardware of Android phone so as to increase it Ram . It been risky and one need to be professionals to change the hardware. And also manufacturer has some guidelines for this type.

But dont worry there is some simple ways to increase Ram in Android phone, you just need to follow the instruction step by step. And you can easily increase your ram in maximum 15-20 minutes. Using this method or trick you can increase your ram upto 4 GB.

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How To Increase Ram In Android Mobile Phone / Tablets

There are two methods by which you can boost or Increase RAM in Android Phone / Tablet. First method needs some application, there are both Premium and Free Applications on Android Market or PlayStore. You can download it them and can easily increase ram of your Android Device.

Second Method is Manual Method , you need to do certain Task Manually to increase Ram upto 4gb in Android Phone.

Method 1:- How to increase ram in Android Mobile using Apps.

ROEHSOFT RAM Expander(SWAP) Premium App

Ram Expander is an awesome app that will increase RAm of your Android Device by converting a Part of SD Card Memory into RAM . That is your SD Card will
now be used as a Virtual Ram for your Android Device.

Features  :

Free SD card memory as a RAM use ( SWAP RAM / SWAP MEMORY )

  • Swapfile RAM expansion up to 4 GB ( file system limit )
  • No limit on SWAP partition!
  • The usual performance degradation when paged not occur with sd card from class-8
  • Widget for PNP swap ( swap on / off swap )
  • Detailed Memory Information & Analysis
  • Autorun.
  • Swappiness kernel parameter set
  • Easy foolproof use ( 1 click optimization and automatic calculation )
  • Supporting Tung all Android devices ( root access and Kernelswap support )

How to Use RAM Expander to Increase RAM in Android Smart Phone.

Before buying this app you must check the compatibility of this app with your device that you use. Try this testing app Memory Info & Swapfile Check before you buy it RAM Ex-pander. Whether Your device is compatible with ROEHSOFT RAM Expander.

If your device is Compatible , then Buy it and Download this RAM Expander.
After installing it chose your language
Now Create a SWAP File by clicking Swap Active and Enable it.
After you finish with this just click it on the Grey Box and Activate SWAPAnd you are successfully increased Ram of your Android device.

Free Method

Manual Method to increase ram in Android Smart Phones

You just need to follow these steps to increase RAM of your android device.

Requirements to increase ram in Android Smart Phone.

SD Card of Class 4 or Higher it must be.
Rooted Android Smart Phone or tablet. ( To Root Any Android Phone check How to Root )
Windows Pc SD Card Reader And some Software

Note:- To increase your Ram, Your phone must be rooted. To root any android phone check Rooting Guide.

Increase ram in Android Mobile phone using SD Card

Increase ram in Android Mobile phone using SD Card

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Step 1:- Check whether your Android phone support swapping or not

Note:- To convert your SD Card into Ram, you phone need to support Swap
function. To check this download Swap Check application. Try this testing app MemoryInfo & Swapfile Check..

If your device support Swap function then proceed with Step 2.

Step 2:- Now you need to partition your SD Card.

For this Google Mini Tool partition and Download it on your Windows PC .
Now Connect your SD Card to your PC (computer). You can use Card Reader for this.Now open Mini Tool Application and click on your SD card and Select the Delete Option.

This action will Format your Card and now you have an unallocated Space .
Make partition by right clicking on your SD card. Select the partitions as primary and file system as FAT 32 for sd card more than 4GB. Leave about 1 GB memory for next partition, Then select done and again clicked on make partition option select primary partition but change the file system to EXT2, EXT3 or EXT4.
Click on apply changes and after processings for few minutes your partition is completed.

Step 3:- Root Your Android Device

Now you need to Download and install Link2SD app.
Launch this app and give root permission . Now Chose the .ext partition that we made earlier.

Sorts the app and start linking them.

Step 4:- Increasing RAM of your Android Device

For this you need to Download Swapper for Root.
Launch the app and select the amount of RAM you want to increase for.This will create a .swp file and it will increase the RAM of your Android Device.

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Now Check for your Ram Size . It must have increased by the amount you selected.

Other Free Apps to Boost RAM

If you don’t want to waste money on buying this premium apps. There are hundreds of free apps that also claim to increase or boost the RAM of Android Devices by optimizing Ram of your Android Device. Here i am listing few tested and verified apps to increase ram in android.

Smart RAM Booster:- Free app to increase Ram in Android device

increase ram in android Its the most popular app to optimize RAM of your Android device. It Works by Killing the Low priority Processes or by Allocating Memory for High Priority Task. It is very light weight and very small app with a great user interface and is come with four different
modes:- Aggressive, strong, medium and gentle

Download Smart RAM Booster app

Memory Booster:- Free app to increase Ram in Android

Increase Android Mobile RAM Space

increase ram in android it is another popular app to optimize the Ram of  your Android Device and is available in both free and premium version that you use it Easy to use app with great user interface. It optimize the memory of your Android device by De fragmenting Your Memory or by Preventing Memory leaks caused by different Applications

Download Memory Booster

Final Word

In this Article We Share How to increase ram in Android Mobile phone using SD Card . I think this is the Best Way to increase ram in android smartphone . Also know How To Make A Whatsapp Account With USA Number hope you like and enjoy this tricks.

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