How to Increase Phone’s Internal Memory using Memory card

How to extend internal memory of android phone


If we have an old phone which has low internal memory then we not use a heavy apps or games. Phone’s internal memory is most important thing because all the apps are installed in our mobile’s internal memory.In low memory our phones work slow or many time be hang. For this i bring a trick to extend your mobile’s internal memory using memory card.

most useful to extend internal memory

To extend our phone memory or ram we extend our phone’s speed.. And we use heavy apps without any problem. And the phone is not hang.
In this trick we use memory card so no spend any extra money .

In this tutorial we use-

a memory card upto 4 gb,  a phone (rooted),   partition tool

When we use our old memory card we need to take backup all the memory data first . In this trick we use memory card to extend phones memory. For this use, first we partition our memory card.
For partition first download a partition tool.

Now insert memory card to card reader,then open partition tool, and click on memory card option and select the delete option- it format your memory card so keep your data safe before use .
Then right click on memory card and select create Option,now a small window open in this window we select primary partition and FAT32 file system. after all we leave 512 mb space for other partition
then click done after it right click on unallocated space of your memory card then again we use same process but in this process we select EX2 as file system then click apply changes  after some time memory card partition completed.

After above process we root our mobile for this we use an app named link2sd

Install the app in our mobile then open it ! it will ask for root permission after it ask for .ext partition then we select the ex2 the partition we do before. then we see mount script created then restart our phone. Open link2sd if not displayed any error message then we successful. After it we change setting in app we go to setting in link2sd and check auto link It will transfer all the apps to our memory card self.
now check our memory we will find phone memory is increased.

like this we extend our phone memory and performance of our phone.
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