How to Use Instagram on Android

How to Use Instagram on Android

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Hii Friends ,today i will Guide you how to use Instagram on android smartphones Today Instagram was  a very popular social networking app. it has reached from 5 millions to 30+ millions users in less time of year. in Instagram is  a images sharing app that allow users to take pictures and apply filters to change the look  to using editing on Instagram ,Editing and style of the pictures.  You can also change New photos to look like a old, and these new creations can then be published to Instagram, where your can also  followers can like & comment on your photos and pictures that you share on it , or user  can also published on  Facebook,  Twitter, Flickr, Tumbler and Posterous .Now a days Instagram was a popular photo sharing app is very easy and simple to use, but if you are unfamiliar with it,  the following is a  guide to shows you how to use Instagram app on Android ….

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How to Use Instagram on Android

Download Instagram through your Google Play-store app on your Android Mobile.

Instagram has been successfully downloaded, you need to open the app First.

  • Now you download the Instagram App and Open it.

  • YOU Must be  Sign up ( it Required )

if you are a new Instagram user on Instagram, than you also need to sign up for the app by filling out some General information such as email address, username and password. You also have the option to include your phone number and also upload a photo.

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  • Get some contacts.

Instagram app purpose to post Images that peoples Also can see as look at pictures that others post. if people also look- at other`s Images,  You have to designate people to follow . You ( user ) can either import manually Contacts , or you can Also choose friends from your contact list, Twitter account or Facebook ( fb ) account. if you want to search people You also search people5 . If you don`t import or choose everyone at first, you can always go back and add more later . When you are done , click Next option.

  • Choose people to follow

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When you inputting your own Contacts, than you can also follow specific people by clicking the Follow option Button next to their name you see. When you are finished , click Done option.

  • Check out pictures

On the main Feed page or Timeline page , you can scroll the app and see all the posts from other users on the Instagram App. If you like a picture, you can “like” it by clicking the Like button or Double Click on picture or Click on Heart button on the down side  on the picture, or you can also leave a comment by clicking the Comment button also.

  • See what popular.

Using the Popular tab, you can view images that are the most popular on Instagram..

  • Take pictures.

To take a pictures, click on the Camera icon. To choose from your album, click the photo icon.

  • Apply filters.

Choose from many filters to add to your photos and changes it style. When you are finished, click Next Button.

  • Describe your photos.

In the What text field, you can input a description of the photo that you share..

  • Share your Work on Social Networks

You can also choose to share your photo on Many other social networks Sites like Facebook , Twitter and many more by selecting the respective ones in the Sharing button. When you are all finished, click Done. Your photo can now be seen on Instagram app page as well as the social networks you selected also.

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