Top 3 Data Sharing App APK for Android 2023

Top 3 Hi-Speed Data Sharing App

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Hey Friends, after so many Free Recharges & Offers here we are( back again with another article on Fastest File Transfer App for Android.

In this article ,we share a top and powerful Data Sharing App for Android in which you can “transfer file and data” in a couple of second with each other and it is good ,faster and better speed.

1:- SHARE it – Best Sharing Files to Wireless with HI-Speed

SHAREit is a “best and fastest file sharing app” now a days it developed by Lenovo and also know as Lenovo SHAREit is really a best app and i also use it for sharing files to android, Windows, iOS. it transfer all files like Games, Movies, Videos , Text File etc. SHAREit also share music,videos ,images in a group upto 5 device , it allows to transfer very large file and movies just a second and 60 times Faster and Safer than Bluetooth.

Top 3 Data Sharing App APK for Android 2017

Top 3 Data Sharing App APK for Android 2018


  • SHAREit available for iOS,Windows and Android also.
  • It share a file in a group you can share file upto 5 device .
  • Find a friend device in a range and start sharing
  • SHAREit send everything such as -videos files,games,application etc

2:- Xender – Popular Data Sharing Application

First We tell that Xender and Flash Transfer are different apps but not in really these are same app , Xender earlier knows as Flash Transfer. Xender Support all file and share it to another device like Android ,iOS,Windows. it transfer music, videos, movies, games and app ,in Xender share files to wireless file sharing B/W devies. it allows 5 device send and receive file in same time. it available on iOS and Android.

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fast file transfer app download

fast file transfer app download


  • Multiple Language Support
  • Group Sharing upto 5 Device in a time
  • High Speed Data Sharing to WI-FI
  • Available on Android/Windows/PC/iOS

3:- SuperBeam – Data Sharing Android App

SuperBeam Sharing is easy and pick the file you want to share and send it to paired device .SuperBeam is a best Android app to share large file to another device in this app you need to pair android device by any way which include QR Code or NFC or Manual Sharing Key.

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fastest data transfer app for android

fastest data transfer app for android


  • Light and Dark color themes
  • Transfer unlimited files
  • Support Android 2.2.3
  • File Transfer Speed using WIFI direct

In this list top 3 Best File Sharing Apps ,you choose any one of the to sharing your file anytime,anywhere .i think this is the best method to Transfer file .

Thanks for your interesting Enjoy to Transfer file to other Device and Don`t Forget to comment below.

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