How to Replace Kingroot with Supersu in Android (Full Guide)

Replace kingroot with supersu: This is the easiest tutorial for Replace Kingroot with Superuser in android phones. When you have “rooted your Android Phone and Using Kingroot app”, then you can may be using Kingroot or Kinguser app in your Phone. In Some conditions, kingroot app is not performing properly for gain root access to some apps. Previously, we were shared top apps for rooted android phone. When you want to change Kingroot to supersu, so you can follow given below easy tips. When your Device is MTK, then you needed to root your Device with the help of Kingroot. As you know that, kingroot have a some compatible problem with few apps, which is don’t have all features should must be in a root controller app. When you want to switch from Kingroot to supersu, so you can follow given below Tutorial easily. Now you will be able to Install Supersu in your Device, which you can remove kingroot in future when you need. We have added 2 Different Methods or way for change kingroot to supersu simply in few minute. Checkout all methods now from given below.

replace kingroot with supersu

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This Best and Easy Method will Working 100% in Almost All Android device, without using PC. Now you can “remove Supersu” and Install Kingroot instead in your phone with this Guide. There are many people are looking for replace kingroot and using supersu. when you try to install supersu app from play store, then it will be ask you to update supersu binary, unfortunately, it will be not work. So you can need CWM or any other Custom recovery for flash Super zip. But in many android phones, development level is low, so custom to recovery is not available. So this guide is created for those users who`s doesn`t like king Kingroot because it`s king of unknown application so nobody trust on it. Check it out now it can be given below. And also checkout some cool Whatsapp Tricks, for use WhatsApp is the best way. So you can replace kingroot and use supersu on your phone right now with this guide I have mentioned below. So simply have a look at below how it can be done.

How to Replace Kingroot with Supersu in Android

How to Replace Kingroot with Supersu in Android

Kingroot V/S SuperSu

Supersu is complicating at list almost all apps, in android. Kingroot may be case some problem, while the giving root permitted to the apps. Like, we was experimenting with Hide my root app, when I was tried to Hide super binary, so it was showed an error message, like as Hide Su Binary failed. So I was replaced Kingroot with supersu, now it can work completely fine before i am not able to “Hide my Root in Android Phone” after that i`am also able to hide as well Hidemyroot too. So in some cases, “Supersu is better than kingroot. Checkout some basic requirements for use this Guide. It is the one of the awesome and safer way for replacing kingroot with supersu in your device, and you will be able to use supersu in your device without any problem with given below in this tutorial. So friends Download kingroot superuser Apk from this best article for replace superuser with supersu. Kingoot is not liked by so many people and is a kind of unknown app, users don`t trust that application. Hence, not able to trust become one very important reasion why people want to remove or wanna get rid of the kingroot. So I Decided to shift Kingroot`s KingUser to SuperSu. Well, there are different ways of “replacing Kingroot with SuperSU”.

When User Knows About the trust of Kingroot that it is trust less application and this is taking app root access of their mobile, then after sudden want to remove and replace it

  • How to Replace KingRoot with SuperUser
  • How to Replace Kinguser with Superuser

Requirements Before replaces kingroot with supersu binary

Hello, Do you wanna know How to Replace Kingroot with SuperSu? So if you want to remove kingroot from your phone, and you want to “use Supersu” instead, then you need some things to ready, so I have mentioned given below. In this tutorial, You will learn all about “How to remove/replace Kingroot/kinguser with SuperSu/Superuser app” in any Android Device. Checkout some of the requirements, before you replace kingroot with Supersu easily.

How to completely remove kingroot

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How to Easily Replace Kingroot with Supersu in Android Phone

When you use this app, so you can need terminal emulator app in your device. This method is working in most of the android devices. This method is only for some of the basic or advanced users of android. Now if you are newbie, then you have to use Alternate method, which is mentioned after this post.

# 1 Method: Replace Kingroot with SuperSu (Easy and Best Way)

So, Friends this is the simplest and easy way to replace Kingroot with SuperSu on Android Device. Guys you only need to install SuperSu app from Play Store & uninstall Kingroot at your Device, in Below guide and you follow step by step.

  1. First, Open Play Store
  2. Now, Search to SuperSU & Install it.
  3. Open & then Give Permission as a Superuser.
  4. Then, Uninstall Kingroot application
  5. After then Update SuperUser Binary & Reboot your Device

That`s it friends it is the first & one of the awesome and “best trick to Replace Kingroot with SuperSu”, So guys if this will not working for your then you also can try my send method it is easy and “Full Guide below on replace Kingroot/Kinguser with SuperSu

# 2 Method: Replace Kingroot with SuperSu with Terminal Emulator

  • First of all, Install and Terminal Emulator in your Android Phone, if you have installed on it already.
  • After that, Extract Zip file is root in your SD card in Internal storage both, which you was downloaded above, named as
  • After that, Open Terminal Emulator in your Phone or device and Type given below Commands one by one and hit enter.
  • After Enter above Command, now it will be ask you for Root permissions and grant Root permissions and Enter given below command.
  • Now, it will be start running script and you have to wait for few minute, approx 1-2 minutes, make sure your mobile data is turned on.
  • After it’s done, Now open your App Drawer, you will be see there is the super us app come. Just open on it.
  • Now it will be ask you for update Superuser binary, Click on Continue button & Select Normal Mode
  • It may ask that, other party root apps are already install, so you have to click on Ok button and it will remove Kingroot app from your phone & Supersu app will come & you are all done oooooyeee

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Also you can checkout one of the alternate methods from given below for How to remove Kingroot and Install SuperSu, when you have any problem, while using this tutorial. Previously, we was shared How to Unblock Blocked Sites in Android Phone. So you can follow the easily guide, and it will be work for sure, I have also tested it and working completely. You can simply you may also like Downlod ADB, Fastboot and Drive Version 1.43 For Windows Follow Step by step, and it will be work. If you have some problem with “kingroot or kinguser app”, now you don’t like this app, and you want to “replace on it and install Supersu” in your Device, Then this Tutorial is specially for you. You can also look at How to Chat in Facebook App Without Messenger Full Tutorial. Now you can Simply Drop a Comment below, if you have any kind of problem while following this information. Some users are reporting that their device stucked on boot logo after the follow this tutorial, so please keep stock rom ready with you in case anything goes wrong.

Guide On Replace Kingo Superuser with Supersu

replace kingroot

replace kingroot

Alternate Method for Replace Kingroot with Supersu

If you have any kind of issues or problem, so you can follow the above mentioned Guide, you can simply follow below Tutorial for Replace Kingroot with Supersu. If you are newbie, and you have some problem while following mentioned Guide on it, then you must be follow given below in simple tutorial, for enjoy Kingroot in your Device. Also Checkout Shutdown Windows Faster With Simple Tricks. This Tutorial is specially for you, who don’t want to use these codes, and for newbie. This Tutorial will be work for sure, its apk way for “replace kingroot with supersu”. You can also Checkout How to Install Remix OS in PC, for Enjoy Android in PC.

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  1. At First of all Download Supersu Me app from here – Download supers pro apk
  2. Now, Install app in your Phone, like any other normal app, and it will start installing the app, depend on your phone’s performance, that how much time it will take to complete installation.
  3. Then, After successfully install, just open on it, and it will be ask you for root permissions, and click on button, which will give superuser permissions to this app. so let’s continue the next steps.
  4. Now, after open this app it will be show you a big green android, just tap on it normally, and then continue to next steps.
  5. It will start replacing Kingroot with supersu, it will take about few minute to complete this process, and it may be take more time, when your phone’s performance is low back up, wait for some time and it can be done. Maximum it will be take 2-3 minutes for complete the process.
  6. So it will be Automatically Launch Supersu app, Now Enjoy Supersu app, instead of Kingroot
  7. Now, you will be Uninstall Supersu me app and Enjoy supersu app in your phone without paying or using anything.

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SO friend’s, this was the simple Tutorial on replacing kingroot with a supersu xda information, for deleting kingroot from your device or phone, then use supersu in it. Supersu me apk is one of the best way for replacing kingroot with supersu easily. Supersu is far awesome that kingroot in all conditions. Kingroot shows Chinese language, which are not able to understand by every person. So you have to “Replace a kingroot” in your Phone, and “use Supersu” instead of Kingroot.

Video for Replace Kingroot with help of Supersu with Supersume App

So there is the videos uploaded which you can follow for “replacing kingroot with supersu”, with the help of simple Supersume app in your android device. There are also some other methods to available, but this method is the one of the best method whenever. If you have any confusion, while follow this post, then checkout video to see now from given below.

Note –

This Guide to tested by me on Intex Aqua star 5.0, So guys you may try this trick at your own risk. i am not responsible for anything wrong happen with your device. If you have any kind of problem or issue then free to comment below. I will try my best to help you but it is not my responsible for your device.

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Change kingroot to supersu

So friend’s, this was the completed Tutorial on how to replace kingroot and use supersu. Now you don’t use any Chinese app, for manage root permissions in your android. Also check (Guide) Spotify Premium Apk Fully Working [No Root / Ads]. Just use branded “Supersu app”, which is very best and popular for every android phone. you may try out this method once, if you are facing any issues while using kingroot app. many of the users are using kingroot and sometimes it create problem in phones. So checkout this guide for “replacing kingroot and use supersu app” in your phone. Also have a look at How To Make Single Name On Facebook Account.


That`s it friends this was the easiest tutorial, for Replace Kingroot app with supersu. I have added 2 different methods in this post, first one is that will surely work for you without any problem. You must checkout for that Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days After Limit. There are so many apps, which you can root your android phone like iroot, kingroot etc. Some people are root their phone with Kingroot, and later they wants to use supersu. You should have a look at How to use Greenify app. so this is created for that people. So let’s check it right now. Replace kingroot with supersu.

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