How To Make Your Own HIKE! Stickers

Create stickers and comics from your own face in android

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Hike Messenger is a cross-platform  instant messaging service for
smartphone that uses the internet  for communication to people.
Hike was launched on 12 December  2012 and raised its first round of  funding of $7 million from Bharti  SoftBank in April 2013, Hike is a  joint venture between Bharti  Enterprises and Softbank. Hike
founder is Kavin Bharti Mittal.

Apart from basic social messaging  means like photos, videos and audio  files, Hike allows users to “nudge”  a feature used to ping the receiver.  In addition to that, the application  support chat themes, graphical  stickers, PDF files and Office  Files, It also allows users to hide  individual and group chats providing  extended privacy, The messenger now  a daysprovides free voice calling
over 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFi across the  globe in over 200 countries in world In January 2015, hike introduced a  voice calling feature for their  users. In Sept 2015, hike launched free  group calls with up to 100 people in  a conference calls. Hike Direct, a feature that allow
users to share messages and files  without any kind of data charges
within a radius of 100 meters  through WiFi Direct, was made
available on Oct 2015.

Now today our website showing you  how to add your own stickers into  hike messenger. If you are bored  with hike stickers, it is not
possible but if you want your own  stickers in your hike messenger to  send then you can use this  techniques to create and use your
own stickers in hike messenger app.  It is simple and easy, you can create your own stickers easily.

Steps for create your own stickers  in your hike messenger :

  •  Create your image which you want  to add in hike stickers and save it  as .png extension. note one thing  this image size is below 20 KB. You can convert your image online  also. Click Here for convert your  image into .png extension, it is free.
  •  Install your hike messenger  properly. Open and sign in to hike.
  •  After your sign in one folder of  hike is already created in our
    mobile. Open your android file manger.
  •  Go to “Android” folder.

  •  After that go to “data” folder.

  •  Then go to “com.bsb.hike” folder.

  •  Then go to “files” folder.

  •  Go to “stickers” folder.

  •  open “humanoid” folder.

  •  Then copy your created image to both folders “stickers_l” and “stickers_s“.

  •  After that copy your image into  your friends mobile like this. Copy  that stickers into same folder like  this.
  •  And enjoy hike stickers.
    Note:- It is only for fun…


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