Downlod ADB, Fastboot and Drive Version 1.4.3 For All Windows

Hello friends today we are learn about ADB. ADB is an Android Debug Bridge.This drivers help the users to root their phone and install custom recovery and ADB is important component.This helps the users to take a backup with the Drivers for PC help of TWRP recovery.If your are interested to download ADB,Fastboot, and Drivers on your PC then I will Guide how to do this in your PC. Also checkout Shutdown Windows Faster With Simple tricks

If you want to install the the ADB, Fastboot, drivers in Linux and you can do this by running easy command but when we are going to installing in your windows then there is totally different scenarios and if you want something which is accurate and fast and fast. And it is easy to install in your windows.

Normally , we face the problem to downloading the ADB drivers because of the fewer tutorials. And they ask to install some unwanted software . In reality we cant trust and we don`t want to install something weird on your windows.

Downlod ADB, Fastboot and Drive Version 1.43 For Windows

Downlod ADB, Fastboot and Drive Version 1.43 For Windows

<strong>When do you use the ADB?</strong>

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You can use ADB drivers and if your phone is turned on and work properly. And you download any Android application then take a TWPR Backup on your PC. And there are many more method by which you can perform the ADB. And your smartphone works in almost every Android device.

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When do you perform Fastboot?

Friends we can use the Fastboot when we are in the bootloader and if we want to install the Factory images on your device then we can unlock the lock your device bootloader. This play an important work when we want a flash the system, User Data, Radio, Bootloader, Recovery and many more. There are different type of stuff which we can perform with our device.

Friends we can also install the the custom recovery with of Fastboot , but first you check your phone is in the bootloder and then only we can perform the above tasks.

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Features of ADB Drivers:

  • This software is of 9.18 MB.
  • You can install the ADB,Fastboot,Drivers in just 10-15 seconds.
  • It is easy to install and do not need to any installation,and it will add the files automatically.
  • ADB is Google Drivers from lasted SDK and we don`t need to install the 1GB SDK every time .

Download ADB, Fastboot and Drivers Version 1.4.3 For Windows.

  • First we download ADB, Fastboot and Drivers on your PC. The link are provided below.

Google Drive

Download Link 2

Download ADB, Fastboot and Drivers Version 1.4.3 For Windows

  • Press your Mouse Right click on the file and Run as Administrator.


  • Then, it will ask you that Do you want to install ADB and Fastboot and then just press “Y”.


  • After this it will ask you Do you to install system wide just Press “Y” and hit enter.


  • Then it will ask you to install Device Drivers just press “Y” and press enter.


  • After this you will see Driver Installation Wizard just press on “Next” and install the Device drivers on your windows.


  • And friends if you have finished install drivers on your PC and simply press on “Finish”.


  • If you make sure that you have turned on the USB Debugging by first we going to “Setting > Developer Options”. If you want to Enable Developer Option just Goto ‘Setting > About Phone >Build Number’ and click on it seven times and you will see a Toast saying You are now a developer.


  • After than go to your C: drive on PC and you will see a new folder file called as
  • Open the folder and we can see the ADB, Fastboot, Drivers installed in your PC.

  • If you are interested to check then connect your phone to your PC .And the command are given below.

adb devices

  • Make to right when you have allowed the PC connection.
  • If you are interested to check the fastboot then boot your device into bootloader and there command are given below.

fastboot devices

  • That`s the way you will see your device id on your PC and have successfully on your PC.

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Q.1) When I type the ADB devices my phone is not getting detected ?

Ans) Please use proper USB cable for your phone.

Q.2) I am using Proper USB cable but still same issues.I don`t know How to fix it ?

Ans) Try installing the Drivers on your PC again repeat the process.

Q.3) Hey, driver are not working properly on my PC ?

Ans) Try installing the drivers on your PC

Q.4) I have driver enumeration problem.

Ans- Please try Installing or Updating Windows 8.1 KB2917929

Q.5) I have Google Drivers already installed on my PC.

Ans- Please Uninstall the order version of Google Drivers before installing this on your PC.

Final World :-

So friends I hope I have all your queries and answer in the F.A.Q if you still have any issues then you can feel free to ask with us below in the comments section.

This was the best article about the way you can Download ADB, Fastboot, and Drivers on your PC. These are latest version Drivers.

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