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Whatsapp Profile Picture Without Cropping (DP Without Crop)

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WhatsApp Dp Without Cropping:- Hii Friends, Today i will share With You How to Set Whatsapp Profile Pic Without Crop . Set Dp Without Crop in your Android Phone, Most of people When Set Whatsapp profile pictures dp but It crops the pics or most of the important part cut from the pictures. So i am also knows that is very Massive things, So After Reading the post what will you do ? Should you Set Pictures After Crop them and miss out Some Important Part of Pictures, No,◊ In this easy Tutorial I will tell you Full Guide of how to make Whatsapp profile picture without cropping. This method is 100% safest for all user for How to Set Profile Picture in Whatsapp without Crop, it Also try How to download, install nad use Whatsapp on your Windows Pc .

Set WhatsApp pic Without Cropping

Set WhatsApp pic Without Cropping

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Set whatsApp full size Profile picture without cropping.

In these day WhatsApp is the most trending chat messaging app. So, You can miss out some important parts in the images & Noone can’t able to enjoy and like your Profile Picture because, it shows the half cut only, Also, have look at How to Make a Whatsapp Account With USA Number ,This methods is also 100% work , These are so many Different Set WhatsApp profile pic without cropping apk are available

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About WhatsApp Apk

As you all already know that Whatsapp is one of the most popular & famous Instant messaging app since it`s launch. We all are crazy for WhatsApp app. Day by Day Time to Time, Whatsapp is one of Best and Great Build the development. Some peoples are only used Whatsapp for chatting, video, audio, images sharing purpose & very fast for the chat with other peoples. Whatsapp tricks are also very popular now a days. So We have shared this tricks only you. You can simply set full size Whatsapp profile Picture without cropping it with the help of Squaredroid app in few seconds download This tricks is so popular for how to set whatsapp profile photo without cropping in android without root

How to Set Full Size Pic on WhtasApp

How to Set Full Size Pic on WhtasApp

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Set Full Size Profile Picture in WhatsApp/Facebook/Instagram

Friends, in this Guide We are sharing with you SquareDroid app, in which you can also crop your pictures for a set as Dp Other Social Networking Sites Like Facebook & Twitter etc. which are allows only Square pictures to be set as the profile picture. This Tutorial will also work with other apps without any issues. Must try Sites to Send Free SMS without Registration in India So, You can Follow the real Guide from below, I hope you like this Article. Whatsapp profile picture crop without cutting images. So you can follow Full Steps by Steps all Procedures from below, for know more about this method for how to set full size profile picture in WhatsApp apk

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How to Set Whatsapp Profile Picture Without Cropping On Android

1. Squaredroid Apk

Friends you can follow Some easy steps from below, for set Whatsapp profile picture without cropping online it. With the help of Simple Squaredroid Apk, you will be able to enjoy setting any picture as your Whatsapp profile picture, don’t worry about your WhatsApp display picture crop system in Whatsapp because this simple app will Resize images for fit in square size without cutting the any parts of images and also resize Whatsapp profile pictures without cropping. Have a look at it now from below some easy steps with also mentioned screenshot:

  • First of all download and install SquareDroid app in your phone from here –    Play store
  • When Successfully download and install above app in your phone, Now you can open that SquareDroid app & You will see some options there. Simply you can Click on “Pick a Photo” option and it will redirect you to a gallery.

  • You can choose any pictures of your own choice, Which you want to set as your Whatsapp DP.
  • Now it will Automatically Resize picture to Square Size, without Decreasing its Quality or Size. Now Simply you can click on Save Button, from Top Right Corner..
  • Then, you can simply Click on Newly Saved Picture from your device, and Set It as Whatsapp DP, it will show you full Size Square DP, without Even Cropping It.

Final Whatsapp DP without Crop

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2. No Crop For WhatsApp

No Crop for Whatsapp apk is Another of the best app to save your WhatsApp DP Without Cropping. This application is Not so much famous like SqaureDroid Apk but it can also help your to Set Whatsapp DP Without Cropping. App is very useful to Set Square size DP in Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram Etc. This app was providing you more Functionality, with the ability to set the blur Effect on Images border, and some other different types of amazing effects on Pictures. Checkout More details about this app for How To Put Profile Picture On Whatsapp Without Cropping.

   Download and install

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3. WhatsCrop

WhatsCrop is also another good app for setting the display pictures on WhatsApp without cropping. This application automatically adjusts the Profile picture of your WhatsApp account without any losing image part.

You can also crop Circle Whatsapp profile picture or Square Whatsapp DP with the help of WhatsCrop Apk, So you simply Download App now from below for enjoying its features


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Hi Guys, In This tutorial you will see the How to Set Profile Picture in WhatsApp Without Crop it, you can see the easy guide in this article. also, you can follow the above steps. for this article. So, you can set your Favorite picture without crop images or pictures. Also, have a look at Spotify Premium Apk Fully Working You can set up your any profile picture, without any damages parts of the pictures in your Whatsapp

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Video Tutorial on How to set full size DP on WhatsApp


Setting WhatsApp Profile Picture in WhatsApp irritates because it’s crop the pictures & some part of the pictures miss from WhatsApp profile pic. So you can follow these Easy Steps by Steps Guide for Change WhatsApp DP Without Cropping or Cutting.I hope you like and enjoy this article for Set Full Size WhatsApp Profile Picture. Keep Visit here for more cool Stuffs like this. Thanks For Visiting


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