How to Install Busybox in Rooted Android Device

Install Busybox in Android Device

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Hey friends, I will tell you about how can you download and Install Busybox in Rooted in your Android phone. When you have rooted your device, you cannot say that your device is fully rooted; Without Busybox your device is not rooted in a proper way. After you root your device for doing some good things in your device like increase ram, and Change fonts or change boot animation etc .You have to use some third-party Apps. Some Apps Need Busybox for run in a properly. Busybox have the Set of Library Files, Which you can install in your system for Support Apps Which Requires root apps for work in proper way.

I was shared List of awesome Apps for Get Started with Android Automation, so you can use in your android device and get started with android automation . Busybox is a Really have a tool for android devices, so you can must be install when you have rooted your Device.  Wi-Fi Hacking apps also need busybox to be installed in your device. There are some other methods are also available for download and install busybox in android. But this is the one of the awesome methods for installing busybox in android devices with the help of simple android app.

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Method for Use Busybox App in Android

So friends, you can use Busybox in a android device. Have you need several things to be setup. Which have a look at the some of the basic requirements now from given below which you would need for download and install busybox in your android Phone.

  • First, Your Android Device Must be rooted.
  • Busybox App (Download Link in Steps)

Guide On Install Busybox in Rooted Android Device

After Completed Requirements, Now Simply Start the Following the steps right now from given below, which you can know more about how can you download and install this busybox app in your android device easily and simply. This application can be use in your android devices for make apps work in properly which requires root access.

  • First of all, download Busybox App in your Android Device


download Busybox App

Download Busybox App

  • After Download the Busybox app from Play Store, Then Open on It. So it can be also ask for Rooted Permissions, Simply we can allow the Root Permissions to this app.
Busybox app from Play Store

Busybox app from Play Store

  • So you can see a Big Install button in main Screen of the app, Simply Tap on it and wait for few seconds.


  • Now, You will be see a Confirmation Pop up to the Busybox is Installed Successfully in a System.


Now you have Successfully Installed Busybox app in your rooteded android device. So now you can Uninstall Busybox app, It’s Added Lib Files in your system successfully done. When you want to uninstall busybox, then you can do that too from this app itself. There is a option for Auto Update Lib Files too, From Top Right Corner of the app.

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Final Verdict

So friends, it was the methods which you can use for installing and using Busybox in rooted android device. Simply you can Follow all of this process step by step, and enjoy using busybox app in your android device.Also Know Enable Whatsapp Text Features in an Android Mobile

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