How to make a Folder as a Photo Folder

How to make a Folder as a Photo Folder

Post by-Techno Pitara

  Make a Folder as a Photo Folder

This tutorial we shows you how to change any folder to display their contents like photo folder.

Almost you save your any data in a general type folder but if you can change  your folder as photo folder then your use of folder will be better a general  folder look a type of list view but a photo folder verified the folders content

so its most helpful. Now  how to changing folder pattern


  • first on folder right-click

  • select View
  • select extra large icon or thumbnails.

Now your folder changed as photo folder.

One more type we change-


  • First we right click on the folder and select Properties

  • Then select customize

  • Then ‘optimize this folder for’ select – pictures

after all click on apply.
now click ok to exit

like this we change the folder and sub folder as photo folder

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