How to Transfer Photos from iPhone 15 Pro Max to a PC (Mac, iCloud & AirDrop)

Hello, Friends nowadays we never miss out on each and every moment of our lives by capturing it on your phones. In his article, we guide How to import photos from iPhone to computer? This article teaches you the best way to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac & PC including Windows 11/7/8/10 and working for all iPhones like iPhone 15 Pro Max and 13 Pro Max.

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Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer

Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer

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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC & Mac Computer

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So Guys Nowadays our devices have become our go-to cameras, which means we can’t avoid importing our pictures from iPhone to computer forever. If you’re wanting to know how to transfer pictures from your iPhone to your computer, you have lots of options.

To this solution is not to stop clicking pictures from your iPhone, but to get creative and clever about the way you store those pictures and make space for new moments and memories. You may have a large number of precious photos stored in the iPhone, or save images from applications such as Safari and Mail to your device, then required to transfer these images to a computer for releasing the device memory or sharing with family or for backing up. This post will show you the best ways to transferring photos from iPhone to PC/laptop to help you quickly find best fits you.

The new iPhone 15 Pro Max features a dual-camera setup and iPhone Pro and Pro Max with a triple 48MP/8K rear camera. this means the new iPhone 15 Pro Max series offers a 2x optical zoom out feature called “Might mode” for improved low-light performance. Now with a new iPhone 15, you can more amazing pictures.

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Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone

Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone

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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer (Mac)

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable.
  • The Photos app on your Mac will automatically open. If it doesn’t, open your Applications folder and select the Photos app.
  • Select File from the top menu, then select Import.
transfer photos from iphone to computer

transfer photos from iphone to computer

  • You can download select photos by holding down the command key on your keyboard while clicking all the photos you want to transfer, then click Review for Import.
  • If you’ve already imported some or all of your selected photos, your Mac will let you know, then give you the option to import the remaining photos by clicking Import New Photo.
  • Now If you’d rather import all the photos on your iPhone that you haven’t previously backed up, click Import All New Items.

So Friends to view the recently imported photos, select Last Import on the sidebar. And you’re done.

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How to Transferring photos from iPhone to Windows using the AutoPlay

These method has certain restrictions that you have to keep in mind. Transfer of the photos from iPhone to Windows 11 or 10 through AutoPlay can only place for the folder Camera Roll. Photo Library and Photo Stream are still not on the supported list. Another thing to keep in mind is that they are transferred in an unorganized manner.

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer. When the AutoPlay windows pop up you need to click on the “Import Pictures and Videos using Windows.”
Transfer iPhone Photos to Computer

Transfer iPhone Photos to Computer

  • The next step is to click on the import settings link. Next the browser button next to the ‘import to’ field to select the folder to which you want to transfer the files.
  • Now you are done setting up the import options, select Ok. You can choose a tag and click on the Import button.

Transfer iPhone photos to computer using iTunes

Requirement: iPhone, USB cable, a computer to plug the device into, iTunes, iTunes accounts

  • Firs Organize your photos in iPhone
  • Plugin your iPhone and open iTunes
  • Find the iPhone icon on the menu and click the Photos tab under setting on the left
  • Then check the box to “Sync Photos”
  • Select “Choose a folder… “From the drop-down menu
  • Browse to the desired folder
  • Select the picture folder you’d like to sync
  • Then Click Apply to start transferring

These transferring procedures are exactly the same for all iOS devices, whether moving photos from an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, it is all the same process and handled through Windows Explorer, iTunes, iCloud, Dropbox, iPhone/iPad/iPod file transfer photos from Apple device to PC at ease.

Final Verdict

So, Friends, these were top ways that you can use for transfer iPhone photos to your mac without any issues. So let’s try out these methods, if you have any issues while following these, let us know via comments below.

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