YouTube restricts streaming quality to 480p in india for all users

YouTube for Android and iOS now Restricts Video Quality to 480p in India Due to Coronavirus

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COVID-19 has affected the world in more ways than one. Within the maximin infected scope of the smartphone and related tech industry, the pandemic has caused widespread supply chain disruptions as well as led to cancellations to major events such as MWC 2020 and Google I/O 2020.

Due to the Coronavirus lockdown enforcement prevailing in the country, the major of the people are at home. Following this overall Internet traffic has increased by quite a big margin.

YouTube for Android restricts maximum video streaming quality to 480p in India

If you are also watching videos in high pixels, it can be pretty annoying to always have to change the quality setting on YouTube to get the crispy HD videos. Similarly, to control server bandwidth and balance the higher number of users, YouTube has capped the streaming quality in India at 480p. This is especially true on a smartphone, where video streams are often set to 480p by default. YouTube has reduced its default video quality to standard definition (SD) on the mobile networks last week due to increasing concern about the Internet bandwidth.

Friends, it not only YouTube, this is way platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar and at last YouTube, among others, decided to lower streaming quality, especially over cellular data.

YouTube Restricts Video Streaming Quality to 480p

Simply On the YouTube website, videos will load at 480p by default but users can increase the streaming quality to maximum manually. But this is not possible with the YouTube mobile app. This restriction applies to both YOuTube Premium and Non-Premium members.

Since the global shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic forced everyone to stay indoors, YouTube’s streaming quality has been minimal. There has been a huge number of users increase at home almost worldwide, creating a question about networks slowing down due to the lack of bandwidth.

The good news is that YouTube may soon let you set the mobile app’s default quality level.

YouTube Restricts Streaming Quality to 480p in India Due to Coronavirus

YouTube Restricts Streaming Quality to 480P

YouTube Restricts Streaming Quality to 480P

So, guys, 480p is the highest quality you can select until things stabilize. Even if the video has a higher version like 1080p, 4K, etc you won’t be able to view them in anythings above 480p.

Friends We hope YouTube becomes more proactive in its communication, and that is considering raising the hard limit to at least 720p.

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