How to Message Anyone Who Blocked You on WhatsApp


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This method we provides a very simple ,efficient and the easy to way to message someone who has been Blocked You On The Whatsapp. We all know that every messaging apps has blocking option. Just follow the simple Step and than you will be able to send the message Who Has Been Blocked You on WhatsApp. Also Know Download Latest GB Whatsapp Version For Android Phone. We all know that WhatsApp is the more familiar and most popular messenger apps that’s become the part of the daily routine. Any shatter in the daily routine like anyone blocking you on the WhatsApp it sometime make you frustrating. if anyone blocked you than you unable to send any text, image ,video etc and his/her profile picture and status will not be visible to you. If someone very special for you like GF/BF want send them a message than my friend this article is very helpful for you. In this article we are going to share a very simple trick that will allow you to continue send the message again But the path that we are going to suggesting may be long and may be problematic. First of all you have to delete your WhatsApp account than your all WhatsApp retailed file will be erased. You cannot retrieve your message again .Recreating your whatsapp account and follow all the step that is essentials for creating the new account you already know how to create new account in whatsapp.

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How To Send The Message Anyone That Blocked You On Whatsapp

  • You need the third person help that has already a Whatsapp account ,If the third person is your friend than it is very good for you.The third play an important role in this whole process,if the third person/friend is the mutual friend between you and the person that “blocked you on whatsapp”.

message on whatsapp who blocked you

  • In the second step,tell the mutual friend to create the new Whatsapp group add the new member you and that person who has blocked you if your friend add only you and blocked person than it is very good for you .If you are interested in private chat with the blocked person than follow the next step that are given below….

  • In the third step tell your friend that create the group to exit from the group.Ones he left from the group than only you and that person who blocked you will be the member of the group .


  • In this step other apps means that apps that all similar to the Whatsapp .There are many apps that are similar to the Whatsapp like Hike ,Telegram,WeChat,etc with the help of these all the apps you are also able to send the message for that person who blocked you on Whatsapp..


To perform the above step I hope you are able to chat with the person who blocked you and I hope everything will become good .If the person is not interested to chat with you than I suggest please do not bother the person..

In this Article We Share How to Send Message if Any One Block You On Whatsapp. I think this is the Best way to Message Your GF/Bf . Also know How To Send Fake Location In WhatsApp with Android/iPhone hope you like and enjoy this tricks.

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