How to Save your YouTube Videos to Google Drive Simple Guide

How to Save your YouTube Videos on Google Drive

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We want to save YouTube video on Google Drive? Now you can save YouTube video on Google drive in few clicks. YouTube is a best website this day for watch online video. There are so, many people these day are creating own YouTube channel and hard working to do earn from YouTube.Also Know How To Link Your Aadhaar Card To Mobile Number To Keep It Active There are so many people are earning Millions of $ from YouTube in this days, but it take years of hard work make this much from YouTube .

If you want to Uploaded your Video on YouTube, now you want to share with other people except YouTube, then what will to do? So you have to download your YouTube video first, and then upload it on some other file hosting site. This will be a long and boring task right. So in this video, I will explain in a simple way how you can use for saving your YouTube videos Directly in Google Drive and you can also Share the link with others one. I was also Guide on Adblock for Android – 8 Best Ad-Blocker Apps for Android.

Now you can manage your YouTube videos from my video section in YouTube .There are no videos download available in YouTube .so we want to visit on website to come back again and again for watching a videos, listening a song.  So If you want to Uploaded some videos on YouTube, then you can save on Google Drive with simple way .Which I have to explained below. No matter what’s the size of your Video, it will save on Google drive, and you will be able to your Google Drive and manage it later.

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How you can save your YouTube videos on Google drive

There are so many methods available for save your YouTube videos on Google drive. The first method is that official with the help of Google takeout and the second is Google chrome addon, but we are only explaining those method about save YouTube videos on goggle drive takeout the methods.

  • Simply Open This Link and It will redirect you to Google Takeout Page.
  • After then, Scroll Down a Little bit and you’ll see an option for Next, Just Like Below Screenshot

How to save youtube video on google drive

  • Now it’ll ask you to Select File Format, Simply Select Zip from here and Select “Add to Google Drive” option from there and click Create Archive option.

save video on google driver

  • Now it will start to uploaded your YouTube videos on Google drive, look at given below picture.

how to save youtube video on google driver

  • After few minutes, select the option to open in Google drive from here and it will redirect you go to the Google drive link with your YouTube videos.

Save google video on youtube driver

All you are done, you can also manage to all your YouTube videos from here. This will to do the job Now you can share the link with others person by selecting and share the option from the top right corner or download on it your PC or do anything which you want.


This method you can use for Save your YouTube videos on Google Drive in easily way. If you have any more questions or suggestions regarding this guide then simply comment below, I will try to help you out.

Final Word

In this Article We Share How Save YouTube Videos on Google Drive With Google Drive With Google Takeout. I think this is the Best way to save videos on google drive . Also know Best Phone To Buy One Plus 5 I Reviews hope you like and enjoy this tricks.

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