Top 3 Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android

Amazing Top 3 Best Video Motion Apps for Android

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Hello Friends today i share how to make video in slow motion in android device . Slow motion video record at very higher print frame rate , than it`s playing it back at a regular speed to play the video .Friends you have watched a slow motion video on YouTube or if you see the video is Customize a video with the help of slow motion application video motion editor. We think how to record slow motion video and in our mind we think it required a perfect camera and hardware to record slow motion video. Also know Adblock for Android – 8 Best Ad-Blocker Apps for Android Those day are gone and it old technique to do ,now we are going to tell the Best way to edit slow motion video for Android. In those days you buy a powerful camera for approx 1000$ to record slow motion video. Now a days we use cheaper technology is developed . Friends you can easily find use this effect in DSLR and SLR or cyber short camera.

If you will see iPhone , Nexus 5x and Nexus 6P has the Slow motion feature to record the video. This effect is achieved by forcing the best camera to record video frames at a very high rate and it frame is also high . Friends you also not knowing that 1st Technic to capture a “slow motion video” was discovered in 20th century till than several new techniques has developed in Market.

What we do with slow motion video

Friends you all know that what and why we record slow motion video, Slow motion video feature will make any video to funny and to prank any one , watching slow motion video will give you new and best experience to watching slow motion video , you also make you own video like dance or movie and late slow it down that video to help of this amazing slow motion video application. Guys we all have a Android phone and it also a good quality of camera to record videos but not all of them are slow motion recording option available, Don`t worry friends we here to guide you “how to record slow motion video in android phone” . On PlayStore there is many apps for slow motion video app is available that provide the video editing and all are not working good .Today in this Post I guide to list down the Best Slow Motion Video Apps free and paid. By reading them and also you use than decide which one is the best application for you and Create Ultra slow videos with free and the best slow motion camera apps i share below .

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Top 3 Best Slow Motion Video Apps For Android 2018

#1 Slow Motion Video FX

Slow Motion Video FX is one of the best app created for Slow Motion video as like Magic Fast Motion Video this is a free app that doesn`t come with any special requirements .if you have a Android device , you can download and install Slow Motion Video FX for free for user . The best and amazing part about “Slow Motion Video FX” is that you can easily create the Beat videos and it is available for free .Also Know Best Way To Download Instagram Images And Videos On Android It allows you to upload and share video option on high traffic website as like Instagram and YouTube , also you will see their is no watermark in the videos. The latest version of Slow Motion Video FX is SMVFX has better sound processing engine and the audio output will be better than what you here and expect. There are some ads you also see while recording the videos. Friends if you don`t need ads then you can also buy the pro version of application which is help you to remove ads.

Top 3 Best video editing app

This app Creates it`s own folder and Gallery where recording videos will be saved. When you start to recording slow motion videos then tap on the start button , it you do this you will present with an option to record movies or load file from the storage of your phone. Slow Motion Video FX also allows the user to edit the precious or old recording videos . Friend it also allows video fast or slow as per your choice. The best Best and Good part is that the original video will be untouched and without modifying , you don`t need to do anything like copying the video in the other folder or location . If you edit any video it can fast motion video upto 5x speed and it also a features in the application to change the speed of video like slow 4x , what you want to speed of your video as your choice you use in this application as editor . Friends you can download this application from play store and enjoy using it on your Android Phone


#2 AndroVid Pro Video Trimmer

Best video editing app

AndroVid Pro Video Trimmer is not Specifically a slow motion video app, but you know more general editing video app that can also be regarded as free slow motion video editor app. It also other features like add extra effects such as fade in, vintage and sepia to the slow motion video.Also Know How to Use Instagram on Android You will also find ads in the application and if you don`t want to see ads than you can buy the pro version of the application at 99Rs which is 1.6$ .If you are New You Tuber , then you can use this application for you friends this app is add the music in your video and also do many other things in this app and i this this is the best app for you .


#3 Coach`s Eye

Best app for editing video

Coach`s Eye is the application which is as like Hudl application . This is the slow motion apps for Coach to see every moment of the player in slow motion way. It will also help you to keep on track all your videos as the way you swing the bat, ball or golf bat and you also check the video frame by frame .Also know HOW TO DOWNLOAD YOUTUBE VIDEOS ON YOUR ANDROID PHONE This application is an excellent rating which is 3.9 stars. To this app you can also edit the video and learn a lot from it .


In this Article We Share How to edit slow motion video. I think this is the Best slow motion video apps for android . Also know Increase ram in Android Mobile phone using SD Card hope you like and enjoy this tricks.

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