Download Instagram Stories Secretly from Laptops/PC and Smartphones

How to Download Instagram Stories Of Others Without Notifying Anyone

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Hello Friends today i`m guide you on how to view and download Instagram stories in computer & smartphone without being detected. Yes! you lesion right it is really possible to download Instagram stories secretly. One of the most popular features of Instagram is stories, that are videos & photos uploaded and the social profile are removed automatically after 24 hours. Also checkout How to Know Who Viewed Your WhatsApp Profile Today and SMS Bomber So friends here a simple and quick tutorial on how to download Instagram stories of other users.

So Friends you use this method on how to download Instagram stories on Windows PC/Laptops, Android, Mac or iPhone. Before coming to saving Instagram Stories of friends or users you`re following let us quickly have a look at how to download Instagram Story. You can use these method to download Instagram stories from anywhere.

How To Download Instagram Stories on Mobile & Pc

How To Download Instagram Stories on Mobile & Pc

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How To View Instagram Stories on Computer/Laptop

This features surely helps if you want to protect your privacy and stay clear of stalkers. However, there`s nothing fun like secretly downloading you friends stories without letting them know, right? So guys today article, we will guide you how to download Instagram stories secretly before they are deleted or removed.

Instagram Stories in Computer

  • Make sure you`re using the browser Google Chrome
  • Log in to and login using your Instagram account
  • By default, Instagram Stories will not appear in your browser. To bring it up, install the Chrome Extension following: Chrome IG Story
Download Instagram Stories

Download Instagram Stories

  • After installing the new plugin, open Instagram on Chrome web browser or reload if it`s already open.
  • Now you`ll see a download icon beside on stories listed on right side of the screen.
  • The stories with a grey circle represent the once you have already seen. And the ones which are radiant represent unseen ones. To save any story just click on the download icon beside it.
  • That`s it all the stories of the selected user will be saved as Zip file in the Download folder of your computer.

How to Download Instagram Stories Secretly on Android Phone

In this tutorial i`ll guide you how to download images, videos and stories in same in GBInstagram. I will here to guide those step by step and download the images, videos in just a click. Must read Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts Without Mobile Numbers

Download: GBInstagram

  • Open GBInstagram application on your Device
  • First login you Instagram account
  • Which images you want to download on your phone and click on the menu button watch in below screenshort
how to download videos from instagram on android and iOS

how to download videos from instagram on android and iOS

  • Than click on the download button and image will be download on your phone
instagram photo downloader apk

instagram photo downloader apk

  • If you having Android 6.0+ then you need to allow the storage permission and that it`s you done enjoy!!
download instagram photos and videos on pc

download instagram photos and videos on pc

Watch it

How to Download Images, Videos and Stories from Instagram

Final Word

Hope you enjoyed reading various method to download someone`s Instagram stories on Android , iOS and PC. Thanks for your interesting and Enjoy This Stuff , if you have any query you free to comment below in the box .Subscribe to our Website to get tips & tricks notification of latest article and friends don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook , Google+, LinkedIn, MySpace and StumbleUpon. Must try Set Full Size Profile Picture On Whatsapp Without Crop

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