Top 3 Best Android Apps By Google

Best 3 Android Apps By Google

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Hi Friends today i share popular post for you 3 Amazing Android Apps. Now a days Google is the biggest networking on internet in world by using 95% of people are using. Now a days android has a greatest and biggest platform on mobile world to this many people are using . It all about the use of android is easy and features are Best to use.

In Play Store you will find hundred and thousand apps, all app is categorize in a manner which to search are find which one is best for you . Friends you also know that some apps that are google is created for Android.

In this Post , we explain those apps which are created by Google here are top 3 apps by google itself . We also share how to delete Facebook account permanently  in this article we share how to delete Facebook account permanently i think this is the best way to delete your FB account.

1# Fotoscanner von Google Fotos (Photo Scan)

In this app the photo scanner has editing on board it also avoid reflections when ever shooting with  camera light . it`s scanned image in several time and many steps when the result is awesome and better than the other apps.

It is the new scanner app from Google Photos to this you scan and save your best and favorite photo using your camera also this app can scan and enhance your image.

New Function ⇓

New mode is so fast Scanning

  • Best app for  documents and photos in refection free environment
  • Clear reflection option and scan on photo in one shot click.
  • Friends you also share your scans directly from the app.

Note:- This App required Android 5.0 OS or higher Friends you Download the app in the given below link it will take you to the Google Play Store.

Download ⇒ Photoscanner from Google Photos

2# Google Trips – Travel Planner

This Application Google Tips explore the world in simple by using your required information in one place and also it stay even offline. Friends you also customize your plan and travels , it also provide individual trips and see your flight car,hotel rent and restaurant for booking in one place, the good things is in this app is find the place where you go and best place to go on their place to visit also local search. when your internet not connect or not working properly after that the google trips is available so you always access to your information. Also checkout Best App That Takes Picture of Person Trying to Unlock Your Phone .This application is Developed by Google Inc, also visit our new tricks

At Play store the rating is so good it 4.1 rated by people and 1000000 + user install it

Some Additional function ⇓

  • Download performance is improvement
  • It bug free and simple way to use
  • When you creating day plan it also help in it

Download ⇒ Google Trips – Travel Planner

3# Backgrounds (Wallpaper)

This is the best app from the google in this the google wallpaper app it is a great backgrounds and advance features, friends you also use and make the most of your screen. This Application has collection of named earth where people can find satellite images of our planet earth , the best features is that it can be set to change in daily bases , User access the images from google earth and google+ also so friends you have more option to use it required Android OS 4.1 or higher version , approx 45 million of people install and use it .

Download ⇒ Backgrounds


  • All files required to use only your image media photo as a background.

  • Friends you required to use your own photos as a background of the application.

Final Verdict

Hello Friends We hope all top 3 application is best android apps that you also use in your android device which is created by google itself.These apps are amazing and best way to use and also treatable ,  Thanks for your interesting and enjoy to use this apps if you have any query you free to comment below in the box. Also See How to Unblock Blocked Sites in Android Phone. Subscribed to our Website to get tips & tricks notification of latest article and friends don`t forget us on Twitter, Facebook , Google+ ,LinkedIn , MySpace, and StumbleUpon.

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