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AdBlock for Android

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Now a Days, Advertisements are everywhere , ranging from newspapers, TV`s, Hoardings to now on internet and mobile phones too. While for many start-up and developers, the ads may be one of the sources to make bucks and may also be served as a source of information to some users but not everyone enjoys advertisements. technically for many businesses, Advertisements are a medium to increase sales and service or spread awareness about their products. Just like “Too many cooks spoil the cake on ” too much of ads can actually disturb user’s browsing, gaming or any other experience. Since it is not a pleasant experience to close the advertisement every time when it pops-up, the best preventive measure can be to install an adblock app. Same goes for blocking ads on Android devices also. Moreover the form of ads have enlarged from simply texts and banners to push notifications and much more

So now, a perfect adblock app identifies all types of ads from various sources or hosts to subsequently Block the ads. One more upside of blocking ads is that the user is Android device can actually be safe from malicious and insecure stuffs….

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Adblock for Android – 8 Best Ad-Blocker Apps for Android Devices

Below is the list of best and good adblock apps for Android devices that can be quite easily installed. By the time, you all be reading this, some ( or none ) of these adbocker apps for Android will be available in Google Play Store. Google has removed all of Android adblocker apps from Play Store due to interference with another service or product in an unauthorized manner.

Before you install any Android Ad-blocker App

For many people, ads are lifeline to survive and Fulfill their daily live needs. Reading news, learning interesting how to guide , accessing free articles, downloading freebies – No matter for what purposes you access any website / blog, Installing ad-blocker app on Android device means :- you are unknowingly affecting earning of those hard working people. So it is good idea to avoid installing adblocker apps to help support your favorite blogs for all the hard work they do to bring interesting and useful stuffs for you.

Notice :

Installing Adblocker apps may also Affect the working and functionality of websites. So install adblocker apps at your own risk. Technopitara won’t be responsible for any affect caused by adblocker apps on your device.

Adblock plus for Android is a free ad blocker app for android devices that can actually Enhance your browsing experience. Basically, the app works in the background and filters all the advertisements. The installation and configuration of the app differs from device to device.

the app comes with distinct functionality for rooted and non rooted Android devices. To simply explain, if the device is rooted the app filters all the traffic out of the box. On the other hand, the app comes with distinct functionality for each version of the Android operating system. However, regardless of the distinctions, the app comes with an installation guide.

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TrustGo Ad Detector is certainly a dual app for Android Device. The app blocks ads that various apps may display via most common advertisement networks. Hence, by blocking ads the app also keeps up the privacy of the users to prevent data and identity leaks.

TrustGo Ad Detector being a part of TrustGo Antivirus and Security family, can recognize ads from more than 100 different networks and block them accordingly. howeover, the users can tweak the configuration of the app as per their convenience with the app’s sleek user interface.

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AppBrain, as reflected in the name is a free adblock app for Android devices with an inbuilt virtual brain that is smart enough to detect ads, The app is capable of detecting a variety of advertisements like :- Push Notifications, Desktop icon spam ads and apps with privacy concerns.

Along with identifying ads, the app also tell you the source from where they come, the app also explores whether the other apps have SDKs like Facebook, Twitter etc.

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Adaway is a free open source adblocker for Android that actually chases all the ads away. However this app does require your phone to be rooted. The app is very simple to use with it is simple yet impressive interface.

The basic technique that the app follows to block the ads on Android is :- this adblock app uses the hosts file that contains a list of mappings between host names and IP addresses which directs the ads that the user encounters while browsing or playing games. Ultimately, after getting all the significant information the app blocks the ads without any lags.

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  • No Root Ad-Remover Lite

No Root Ad-Remover Lite is yet another adblock app that does not necessarily require your device to be rooted. The app is capable of detecting and resisting almost all kinds of ads. The app comes with premium as well as free version. You may choose the version :- free or premium as per your requirements.

The free version of app, blocks ads on two apps only. To block ads on additional or more than two apps, the users can upgrade to Pro version at an affordable cost ( $3.99 only ). To be true, the app does come with some restrictions as it works for limited apps only like :- Temple Run, Angry Birds and many more other.

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Ad-Vanish is a free adblock app for Android that works on rooted as well as non-rooted Android devices. The app comes with a bit expertise in removing ads from apps like:- Temple Run, Where is My Water etc. Ad-Vanish works with offline gaming apps that may show some irritating advertisements in the presence of a data connection

Once you have monitored any app with Ad-Vanish, say Angry Birds, the app will automatically keep an eye on the app and toggle the connection to it is initial state. Just like the previous app, the lite version of this app also works on two apps only. The users can upgrade to premium version to restrict ads on additional apps and to get access to some additional features.

MinMinGuard Ad Remover is a good free adblock app for android. Alike all other adblock apps, this app also restricts ads from various apps. However, the app also utilizes the extra space to use that is conventionally reserved for apps. Further, the app is an open source app whose code can be found on Github Repository.

The app also boosts your Android device’s performance as unlike other adblock apps, this app does not use any VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) service thereby saving the battery also. Additionally, this app also comes with per-app settings letting the users block ads on specific apps as per their wish.

  •  Adfree Android

Adfree Android is yet another free adblock app for android phones and tablets. The features and worthiness of the app clearly lies in the fact that the app has been developed by , The app can block all types of ads that arise with the use of browsers and apps

The app implies the following concept to block the ads :- it abolishes all requests to unknown host names serving ads. Moreover the users can tweak a lot of its primitive settings with one of them – tweaking IP (Internet Protocol) address. The users can actually decide whether to use the default or custom IP address.

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the above is a list of free adblock apps for Android that can efficiently block advertisements off your Android phone or tablet. Though initially the installation of a few of the above mentioned apps may turn out to be a bit difficult task, but once the apps are installed blocking ads won’t take much time. Further, if you face any issue with installation or using these apps, feel free to comment below or contact us.


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