How to Customize the Windows 10 Start menu

Customize The Windows 10
Start Menu

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I first moved from Windows 8.1 to  Windows 10. I really found how much  I missed the Start menu, It is a  fantastic feeling to have it back on the OS (operating system), and I  personally like the live tiles  addition, But the window 10 start  menu comes with load of default  additions, that you probably dont  want, Today I will show you how you  can customize the start menu in  Windows 10 OS.


Dump Recently added and Most used

Let us start the process by clicking  the Start and opening the Setting app, Now go to “Setting >  Personalization > Start“. Now select and “turn off” the options for Show  recently added apps and Show most  used apps.


Fill the Gap in Start menu

Now that you have done, there as a  bi gap on the left side of the Start  menu that need to be filled, We  can’t fill it up with just whatever  we want, but we do have a few  options to choose.

Inside the Settings app, go to  “Personalization > Start > Choose”  which folders appear on Start,  A  screen with a set of sliders to make  specific folders appears in Start.  It is similar to what you would have  see in the Windows 7 Start menu such as the pictures, documents, and  music folders, But only this time the folders show up on the left side  instead of the right.

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Again there are some system settings  you can add in this list that are  not folders, Some of them are quick  access to Home group and network  settings.


Change the Menu as Shape and Size

Windows by default adjusts the Start  menu size based on your screen  resolution. For example, on my  monitor resolution is 1900×1200,  i don’t want Start menu to take up all that space, so I resized it to be a  bit more compact and very good looking resolution.

Resizing the start menu is so easy  that you actually don’t need to read  anything about it, All you have to  do is just hover your mouse cursor  in the corners of start menu and you  can resize it to your desired  resolution.


Add,Remove,and Resize Live Tiles

One of the biggest difference  between the Windows 10 and Windows 7  is the Start menus and the live  tiles in it, The tiles which  Microsoft includes by default are  not necessarily for a lot of people  that use, so you all definitely want  to resize and rearrange tiles based  on what you actually need.

Example, I don’t need anything  in the “Play and Explore” section, so I removed it entirely. Meanwhile,  the Weather tile is pretty handy,  but it is much too small to show all  the useful information it has ,so I  made it bigger at the expense of  other ,lesser-used tiles

Final Word

In this Article We Share How to Customize Windows 10 Start Menu . I think this is the Best way to Customize Start Menu . Also know Shutdown Windows Faster With Simple Tricks hope you like and enjoy this tricks.

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