How to appear offline on Facebook and Messenger

Hello, Friends we back again with a new article for our use in this post we share How to Appear Offline on Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger is no longer just a way for you to share a few jokes with your friend. depending on the platform you’re using, it can read your SMS messages, make voice calls, and even make video calls.

How To Appear Offline Mode On Facebook Chat Status

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So guys, for all of its advantages, Facebook Messenger isn’t the best for people who like their privacy. The popular app lets all your Facebook Friends know when you’re online by default, as well as how long you are been idle, making it impossible to a check-up with one person without leaving yourself vulnerable to your entire friend list. So Friends don’t worry we are here to solve the problem, in this article we share how to hide your facebook online status.

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This latest Facebook function called Appear offline mode on facebook chat is an added advantage to its users. Check Out Best Way to Hack any Facebook ID in Minutes.

How To Appear Offline on the Facebook WebApp

If you still log on to Facebook through a web browser, you’re in the minority. Facebook continues to treat Facebook Messenger and Facebook Chat as different things on the web browser, even though all of your conversations end up in the same windows. It’s possible that you didn’t even realize that Facebook has two different instant messaging features on the web.

The easiest way to not be disturbed by anybody is to simply go offline turning off chat completely.

So friends here’s how to quickly go offline and hide your online status.

Highlights – Appear Offline on Facebook Chat

In this article, We have a guide you on How to hide your active status on facebook messenger which can help you reach about the blog post. So let’s check below points to the process of Appear offline on facebook chat status is simple and easy points.

Appears offline mode on Facebook chat

  • First login your Facebook account
  • Then click on the gear icon at the bottom right of the browser screen and you will get a list of some options. One of the options is to Turn Off Chat.
  • In the Active Status Window that appears, click”Turn off active status for all contact” and then click “Okay.”

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Selecting one of the bottoms two options-Turn off chat all contacts except or Turn off chat for some contacts only-lets you control who exactly can and cannot see you. Just type the people’s names into the box and click OK when you’re ready.

How to appear offline on Facebook Messenger when using a web browser

In this particular method will get a solution for appearing offline mode on facebook chat.

  • Click”Messenger” on the left side of the screen.
  • Click the Gear icon at the top left of the Messenger pane and then click “Settings.”
  • Turn off “Show when you’re active” by moving the slider to the left.

How to appear offline in the Facebook mobile app

Appear offline mode on facebook chat most of having a perception in their mind that while doing these kinds of setting it demands to have a little bit knowledge about a few application programming languages and some of them think to outsource few applications to appear offline mode on facebook chat.

  • Open the Facebook app on your phone.
  • Tap the three horizontal lines in the top right corner (called the “hamburger menu”).
  • Tap “Settings & Privacy,” and then tap “Settings.”
  • Tap “Active Status” under the Privacy section.
  • Turn off “Show when you are active” by moving the slider to the left and then confirm by tapping “Turn Off.”

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In this blog post which significant information has included all are considered from various trusted sources which review and ratings and most of those sources have a valuable follower. Significantly this suggested method I have tried for myself self and it has well contributed to gain confidence about appearing offline mode on facebook.

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