How to use dual whatsapp working 100%

How to Create Dual/2/two Whatsapp Account in One Android Phone [No Root]

Hi guys, We Techno Pitara is back with new methods to Run 2 WhatsApp Accounts in 1 phone. Most of guys are searching how to
install Dual Whatsapp Accounts or How to Run Whatsapp Two Accounts. Don’t worry.We will be showing How to use Dual Whatsapp accounts in one android phone.To run dual Whatsapp accounts in single android phone. As, using two Whatsapp accounts in a dual sim android phone. So, if you want to run whatsapp on dual sim phone, then we have a working tricks for you or in other
words, we are sharing whatsapp dual sim tricks. Run 2 whatsapp in one android phone is one of most searched term now a days.
Everyone is looking for how to use two whatsapp Account in one android phone. WhatsApp is one of most used social messenger now a days. Don’t worry as we will list method of two whatsapp accounts on one phone in android OS.

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What Is Parallel Space?


Parallel Space is an Android app that allows you to running multiple accounts of any app simultaneously on single Android phone. With parallel space application, you can create the dual accounts of any app. Like you can install Two Whatsapp, Two Instagram, Two Facebook, Two Snap chat, Two messenger and multiple accounts of any game.

Download Parallel Space


Parallel Space Require Rooting?

No, You do not need to rooting your phone. It a simple 2 MB application that you can install from play store. Even it does not
require any permissions. Only the app install it may ask for permission. It a safe process, and you can creates multiple
accounts of any app in just 2 minutes or couple a min.

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Parallel Space Features?

  • Run Multiple Accounts Of any Android App or application
  • Small Size:- 2MB Only
  • Separate Task Manager to Manage apps running in Parallel Space
  • Storage Manager to Manage Application Data
  • Switch with Swipe option only

How to Install Dual Whatsapp in One/1 phone

I will show you how to install 2 Whatsapp in 1 Android phone. You can use the similar steps to create multiple accounts in your phone Android app.

  • First Download and Install The Parallel Space app from Play-store
  • Now Open The Parallel Space app, tap on the ( + ) icon
  • Now you select Whatsapp from the list
  • Now setup your WhatsApp with new account
  • it you have successfully installed two accounts of Whatsapp
  • You can swipe to switch parallel space app. Just go to settings and turn on Swipe to Parallel Space.


You can use similar steps two create the dual accounts of any app you want. we found it to be one of the best application to
create multiple accounts.

How to Access Contacts in Parallel Space Whatsapp app

  1. First Of all Update your Parallel Space app to play store.
  2. Now, Try to access contacts through Whatsapp app. It might ask you to give Parallel Space permission to access your contacts.
  3. If still you are unable to get Contacts, Just got to your app permission menu. Then allow Parallel Space to read your contacts.
  4. Then Switch back to Parallel Space Whatsapp and check you will surely get all your contacts there.


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Final Word

It’s really helpful for me. I have two separate accounts. Earlier it was tough for me to manage this two accounts. Now with parallel space, i can run multiple accounts of any app.


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