How to Recall Send Messages in WahtsApp

Hello Friends , We come back again with a new tricks on how to recall send messages in whatsapp . There is no doubt that WhatsApp is one of the most popular Social Media Applications we have right now a chances are 92% of the readers have WhatsApp installed on their smartphone, you all know that about a features of WhatsApp like Stories, Display Picture, Status, but in few days ago Whatsapp has introduced a new features for Recalling Send Messages, Yes you are right now you can actually delete an already send message. Oh, So guys now you think`s Impossible? If you want to know how you can recall an already send Messages on Whatsapp? Also have a look at Download Latest GB Whatsapp

revoke whatsapp messages android

revoke whatsapp messages android

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This features is not official yet, it is still in a beta as WhatsApp is testing period this features is not with their term. Guys some time back, WhatsApp followed the trend with the Introduction of Status in the Application , not many liked it. But as this times when you just get messed really exciting. You cannot deny the fact that there are a times when you just get messed up as you by mistake send or wrong message send an abusive or any messages to someone which you should have send and then you are there lying scratching you head thinking what should you say now when a wrong message send any one, Well no need to worry about this anymore. With help of this WhatsApp Recall Sent Messages features, you can actually recall that messages .

Recall WhatsApp Messages on Android

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Well friends there are nothing so special that you need as far as Requirements, Lets take look at a few things that you will need order to get this WhatsApp`s Recall Sent Messages Features.

  1. Active Internet Connection on Device
  2. Android Phone
  3. Latest GBWhatsApp APK.

Now when you have all the prerequisites, Let us look at the Guide you need to follow in order to get this WhatsApp`s Recall Sent Messages Features on Android Device.

How to Recall WhatsApp Messages on Android

Friends you follow each of the following step by step carefully to get this WhatsApp Recall Sent Messages Features on your Android Smartphone Which allows you to actually recall a message.

  •    Firstly Download Latest GBWhatsApp APK from here ⇓


  • Then Install the APK, Once the App is Installed, Open the new GBWhatsApp .
  • Now enter your Mobile Number and Verify it .
  • Then have a check send a messages to your Secondary Number.
  • Now select that Messages and Tap on menu.
delete a whatsapp messages on whatsapp group

delete a whatsapp messages on whatsapp group

  • Tap on Recall, it will ask for Confirmation and Tap on Recall.
recall whatsapp messages after delivered

recall whatsapp messages after delivered

  • Yesss! You Done Successfully recalled a Messages now you are able to see what the Messages was on your Secondary WhatsApp number.

Final Word

This feature is not yet Official by WhatsApp but still, you can use this awesome tricks by us to amaze your friends and family members. The Messages will not be shown instead a line will be shown saying This messages has been deleted and the user won`t be able to look at what the Actual Messages was. So that was our tutorial on How to Recall WhatsApp Messages on Android. Also See How to Create Whatsapp Group Join Invitation Link

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