ExtraTorrent Proxy & ExtraTorrents Unblocked Mirror Sites List {Working 100%}

15 ExtraTorrent Proxy & ExtraTorrent Unblocked Mirror Sites 2023

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Hi friends we back again with new tips & tricks for you today we share working extratorrent proxy/mirror sites. Extratorrent is one of the awesome torrent sites out there you can easily download all your favorite TV serials, shows, movies, games, songs and many more that all you want from internet. Extratorrent Proxy site list was a big support to all those who were crazy about downloading. The basic use of Extratorrent is to provide you with movies and series in whichever quality user likes to download for free. However, “extratorrents.cc” proxy was recently taken down or kind of shut down by the admins, which actually led to huge crisis of torrents online. Also Read How To View Private Facebook Profiles Without Being a Friend Don’t worry friends we are here to solve the problem, there are lot of such sites which offer free torrent movies and TV shows, still they aren’t as good as the Extrantorrent.cc main site.

ExtraTorrent website might be blocked in some countries by Govt or Internet Service Provider (ISP). Today, In this article with the help of ExtraTorrent Proxy Services and ExtraTorrent Unblocked sites, So friends read the fill article to see how we can “access ExtraTorrent without any restriction”. Must try How to Know Who Viewed Your WhatsApp Profile Today.

Why ExtraTorrent is Blocked ?

In the case of torrent sited, when the webpage gets higher visibility on the Internet, It could also be dangerous for the internet provider. As a result, many ISPs start blocking the website. ExtraTorrent is a well known having millions of monthly users. Than the govt orders the ISPs to blacklist the site. Officials will ban certain domains of such websites. This is how ExtraTorrent also got banned from the Internet. It not only Extratorrent, there are thousands of other domain and Services banned from the internet by authorities like ISP and Government.

If the site is disabled in your country, when you open it will be replaced with some odd warning message or error page. The screenshot and message below show I see when I try to access the page.

“ExtraTorrent main site along with all the mirrors goes offline. We permanently erased all data. Stay away from fake ExtraTorrent websites and clones. Thanks to all ET supporters and torrent community. ET was a place to be….. May 17,2017”

ExtraTorrent Proxy

ExtraTorrent Proxy

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That’s why Extratorrent is always changing its domain to a new one. However, in the future, ISPs July block new domains too. Proxies and mirror sites are the best way to use the pages for bypass the ISP filter.

ExtraTorrent Sites VS ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites

Extratorrent Sites

  • Extratorrent sites are the category of torrent sites which helps user to download movies, software, TV series free of cost.
  • Due ti the spreading of piracy sometime extratorrent sites get blocked in some country.

Extratorrent Proxy Sites

  • Extratorrent proxy sites are the clone site of original sites which does the same thing as extratorrent sites.
  • To open those blocked extratorrent sites in that country one cloned the whole website and host it on another domain, we call it extratorrent proxy sites.

Best ExtraTorrent Proxy & Mirror Sites Currently Available

Here we lists out the current working proxy of Extratorrent. Our aim is to provide an easy use directory and proper search engines for all sort of torrent files. Watching out the increasing craze for high-quality downloads, ExtraTorrent is the only solution to it. We are providing some links which are Extratorrent Proxy to keep up to charm and some ways to access the website.

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Working ExtraTorrent Proxy List/Mirror Sites

Note-Always enter complet URL including https othereise you may get site blocked error at your end

This is how the ExtraTorrent Homepage looks like:-

Best ExtraTorrent Proxy

Best ExtraTorrent Proxy


Extratorrent site is a torrent site which is used to download the file like Movies, Songs, Software and many more other files. And if we talk about extratorrent proxy sites then in a simple world we can say extratorrent proxy site is the techniques to unblock the blocked extratorrent sites.

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So the main question is how to browser these sites. Simple! All you have to do is to just copy the URL of these site in the URL bar of your browser and start browsing everything for free.

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This was our full list of the best and the top extratorrent working proxy site along with mirror and if you have any issues with any of the sites or whatever, ask us right away in the comment section and we would be answering you for sure.

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