Top 5 Highest Paying URL Shortener To Earn Money Online By Shortening Link

Top 5 Highest Paying URL Shortener Sites To Earn Money Online


Hey Friends, after so many Free Recharges & Offers here we are ( back again with another article on “Top 5 Highest Paying URL Shortener Sites To Earn Money Online.”

Best URL Shortener Sites 2017

When its comes to earn money online Highest paying URL shortener sites are best for us. People now a days, thinks to earn money online as a part time job because trend of earning money online is increasing rapidly faste. Most of the people choose Blogging for online earning source and they have to work only for 1-2 hours daily on their blogs / websites. They can earn much profits with in some Months after starting their new blog. Even if you have basic knowledge about SEO then easily you can rank more better in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex etc.

Top 5 Highest Paying URL Shortener To Earn Money Online By Shortening Link


URL Shortener is one of the best and easiest ways to Make Money Online. You do not require any technical skills to Earn Money using URL Shortner, You can easily Make Money using URL Shortener without having any knowledge.

When it come to Make Money Online URL Shortening is the best & Easiest way to Earn thousands of Dollar very easily. Just share your link on Social Media sites like Facebook or Twitter and Earn lot’s of money when someone clicks your Links.

Many of you might be heard from their friend that they Earn Money Online By Sharing Links on Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. You might be thinking how can they Earn Money, How to Earn Money by Sharing Links on Social Media Sites?

Top 5 Highest Paying URL Shortener To Earn Money Online By Shortening Link


URL Shortener is the best and easiest way to make money as it doesn’t require anything like your Blog, Youtube Channel, etc. You can share your Link anywhere in world you want. You can Promote link and Earn Money Online very easily and simple.

Just pick any link you want and short the link using URL shortener and share it on social media. You will get paid once someone clicks your shorter link.

You can share your shorted link on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. You can share it anywhere you want. Share & Earn Money from Link Shortener.

What is URL Shortener ??

A URL shortener is an online application that converts a regular URL into it`s condensed format. The user only has to copy the full URL of a website and paste it into the URL shortening tool to come up with an abbreviated version that is around 10 to 20 characters longer.

Earn Money by Shortening Your URL is very simplest and reliable way to Make Money Online as you don’t need much hard work. Just Copy any web address & Paste it into URL Shortener and share it on your facebook group, facebook fan page and whatsapp or anywhere you want.

You will be Get Paid every time someone clicks your Link. You can Earn Unlimited Money using URL Shortener.

Highest Paying URL Shortener Sites To Earn Money 2017


1) – Best URL Shortener Site is an advertising network based on links that is spread over the Internet. Unlike other ad networks, they don’t need even a single pixel of your precious web page space. They simply take care of your links. Every time a user clicks a link on your website they will redirect to an intermediate page with an ad, after five seconds the visitor being taken to the destination URL. – Best URL Shortener Site is the link shorten tool which helps you to short any URL that you want to share on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. There are many URL Shorten sites like Google Shortener or but they don’t pay a single penny. is the best company through which you can earn huge amount of money.

Payment Method :- Paypal, Payoneer, and Webmoney. Rates Per 1000 Views :- Upto $10.75 / 1000 views.
Referral Program :- 20% Commission on Referrals for Lifetime.
Minimum Payout :- $5


2) – Top URL Shortener Site To Earn Money

It comes on 2nd in best URL shortener sites. is a free short URL service.You can Get paid for links you share on the Internet. You can place it links on your blog, website, social media, forums, YouTube and more. You can get 2$ to 5$ per 1000 views on your shorten URL The minimum payout is 10$ which is quite high than other URL shortening companies and you can also get commissions from referral system. It is a US based company and and gives very high rates in US and UK, So if you can click any US and UK based visitor then you will get paid high rates. It has also a advertiser programs for your blog or website.

3) LinkShrink

LinkShrink is one of the best and trusted URL shortener service which let you Make Money By Shortening your URL. You can Earn $0.5 to $9 per thousand clicks. Payout rates vary from country to country. You can Earn upto $9 per thousand clicks on your URL. The minimum payout of LinkShrink is just $5. So you can easily Earn $5 and redeem your Earnings.



Payment Method :
LinkShrink Rates Per 1000 Views :- Upto $9 / 1000 views
Referral Program :- 20% Commission on Referrals for Lifetime.
Minimum Payout :- $5


That also another best URL shortener website. Linkbucks is another best and legal URL shortener website. It is the number one competitor of It has great Google page rank and very high Alexa ranking. By promoting your Shorten URL you can get 0.5$ to 3$. The minimum payout is 10$. Linkbucks has paid out more than $1.2 Million USD. Other competitors onlypay for unique traffic while Linkbucks pay for all your traffic. Linkbucks also presented Advertising program so that you can earn more by advertising on your website / blog with Linkbucks.

5) is also another best URL shortener website which is increasing it`s customers now days. It pays 5$ for per 1000 clicks. Minimum it guarantees to pay 1.50$ for every 1000 clicks. Minimum payout in is only 5$ so that you can easily redeem your earnings fastly. You can redeem your earnings only by Paypal account.

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There are the top best URL shortener websites to earn money in all over the world which are much popular in online earning sources. People can easily earn money using these sites. All of these 5 websites are full genuine and pays our revenue on time so we described then here. I hope our article is helpful for you. If you knows about any other best URL shortener sites, feel free to comment below. We will reply you shortly.


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