Top 3 Highest Paying URL Shortener To Earn Money Online By Shortening Link

Top Highest Paying URL Shortener Sites To Earn Money Online

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Hey Friends, after so many Free Recharges & Offers here we are ( back again with another article on “Top 3 Highest Paying URL Shortener Sites To Earn Money Online.”



Best URL Shortener Sites 2017

First the question is arise that what is URL Shortener ? and to help of URL Shortener how to earn money? Which one is the Best Shortener sites to Earn Money online ?

In Every URL shortener site pays different CPM rates , but the CPM rate depends on the country in there the people is opening your Shortened links . in this ways the CPM rates is different rate on different countries. if your URL shortener sires pay to their publisher and the views on the shorten URL. it means if anyone joins to your referral links then you will also get money upto 25% extra commission to earn money online.

Highest Paying URL Shortener Sites To Earn Money 2017

1) – Best and Highest Paying URL Shortener Site and is new free URL shortening website and it will pay you also 4-12$ / 1000 views for promoting their links , is very good and new Shortening service website to the youth and it also creative ideas and it one of the most simple things is that you can use their World Press plugin and make money online with links is very easy. you earning payment will send automatically on every 10th days of each months.

Payment Method :- Paypal, Payoneer, and Webmoney. Rates Per 1000 Views :- Upto $10.75 / 1000 views.
Referral Program :- 25% Commission on Referrals for Lifetime.
Minimum Payout :- $5

2) – Best URL Shoetener is the best and popular URL shortening company and it also trusted. Simply you register foe a new account and start shrinking your URL, with hepl of also you earn 3$ / 1000views to will get paid if anyone also visit on your URL.

  • Referral Earning Rate is 25% Earning to Lifetime.
  • Alexa Ranks (Global)- 120 and Mexico 18
  • Payment Method -Minimum payout 5$ by paypal and payza

3) LinkShrink.Net:-Popular and Trusted Company to Earn Money

Linkshrink.Net is a “popular URL shortening Site” now a days it allows users to make money online and anytime anywhere if any one clicks and views your Shorten links than it will pay about 2$ to 5$ / 1000 views and also it referral program you can get 10% commission also to the user of your referral.

Payment Method :
LinkShrink Rates Per 1000 Views :- Upto $9 / 1000 views
Referral Program :- 20% Commission on Referrals for Lifetime.
Minimum Payout :- $5

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In this list top 3 URL Shortener Website ,you choose any one of the to “earn money online” by sharing your links anytime,anywhere .i think this is the best method to earn money to user .

Thanks for your interesting Enjoy to making money and Don`t Forget to comment below.


  1. Jishnu patel says

    Nice article about earning money online..we have learned a very powerful tips from your site.
    thanks for sharing valuable post with us.

  2. hey,
    I will recommend DMCHALLENGER URL SHORTNER. There in no interference also its very fast and easy to use.
    I tried that and it actually turned out great.I will definitely suggest everyone to go for it…its amazing.


  3. Really nice post admin, these three are the champs in this industry. However, we are also a new URL shortener service that you can give a try.

    Our network details:

    Payout Rates: up to $4.7, we are continuously working to offer even better rates
    Minimum Payout: $5
    Payment Frequency: Biweekly
    Payment Methods: PayPal, Payza
    Referral Program: 20% commission lifetime

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