How To Use VR Box 2.0 Android Guide

Use VR box virtual reality  glasses

Now I take a VR Box 2.0 and search a VR apps for full quality play, the various VR apps that are available for Android phones/Smartphones.  The VR Box 2.0 is a Headset and depending on where you buy one and what comes with it, you could also end up with a Bluetooth remote controller and other helpful devices. I got was the headset and a Bluetooth remote controller . That OK since it was just a freebie included in the package and I did really need it!!!!!!


  • You really should check your Android phone/Smart phone to make sure it has a Gyroscope sensor BEFORE trying to buy a VR Headset like this or similar headsets.
  • There IS another Option If you have an Accelerometer and compass Built into your Android phone/ Smart phone. You have to use an APP called VR Player free or some other similar app….

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To check for a Gyroscope, simply type in the brand and model of your (Company Name) Android phone/Smart phone  with the word “Gyroscope” into a google search. Be specific on the Brand and Model of your Smart phone. Check detail of your device.

This particular headset is a very Inexpensive way to have a VR headset but has been Pretty fun so far. The lenses are not that great but it’s an entry level VR headsets anyway!!!!!! It fine since I can see things clearly. The Trick (Techno Pitara) to most of it was just to relax your eyes and use the lens adjustment sliders found on the Top of the VR Box.

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Front view and the open sliding front piece for VR below


The Top side and there 2 (4 total) sliding lens Adjusters

This is inside of the VR BOX to see the lenses

The Bluetooth Controller.

The side views to see the Holes in the Holder piece

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