How to find out who has blocked you on Facebook

How to find out who has blocked you on Facebook

Hii Friends today i share very good post to you How to find out who has blocked you on Facebook By blocking a user, a person can block a user to view his profile, send friend requests, send messages, comments or even reading other posts written on photos, links, pages, or groups. The block is the most powerful weapon at the disposal of each user to exclude one or more people on Facebook. By blocking you stop all communication between the two users on Facebook, present and future.

When someone stops us we do not receive a notification and it is not easy to understand if you were blocked, deleted from friends or if your friend has deleted his / her account on Fb, or if that profile has been disabled / banned from Facebook. How do you figure out what happened ? Is it possible to find out who blocked me on Facebook ? Yes, and today we will explain how to do it.

It is no fun to find out you were blocked on Facebook. It can be incredibly awkward as well, especially if you have to interact with that person face-to-face regularly.

Unfortunately, Facebook does not offer any official tool or features to help you find out why you can no longer see someone’s profile.

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However, there are some hints that can help you discover whether you have been blocked or the profile you are looking for, has simply been disabled. Let’s explore those hints to help you find out who blocked you on Facebook now.


This Article will not talk about friends who have deleted you ( who removed you from friends ), here we talk of the block, remove from friends and lock are two different things. If someone has removed you from friends you can still visit his profile. If someone has blocked you, you do not see anything, you can not find the person on Facebook and you can no longer communicate through Facebook.

Facebook let you block people from your account if you find someone annoying. In the same way, other people can also block your profile. This prevent further communication between two accounts and they won’t be able to start a new conversation in any way. they can see each other’s profile, timeline posts, tags and other things. If you’ve been blocked by someone, you will not get any message or notice from Facebook side. It’s completely confidential until the person sends a let him know message manually to the blocked user.

After checking your friend list, you may find that some of the people are no longer friend with you. So what happened to them? Saying that they have blocked you is completely wrong at this point. There are three possibilities. Either they have unfriended you, blocked you or deactivated their own account. If you’ve will to know that actually happened, this tutorial will guide you how to investigate the case to find out who has blocked you on Facebook.

How to find out who has blocked you on Facebook

The first step to see if someone has blocked you is trying to find his name on Facebook. If you do not find the profile even trying to name there is already something wrong. Try also to seek the listing through mutual friends, visiting the friends list of your mutual friends on Facebook. If you still do not find the person there could be 3 reasons:

1) Your friend has blocked you2) The friend has deleted his profile.
3) The account of the person has been disabled ( by him / her directly or by Facebook following a violation of Facebook Terms ).
To exclude the 2nd and 3rd point we must proceed by small steps.

#1 Method 

Check in messages if you have a conversation with this person. If you two sent messages ( also in chat ) look for them from the messages page ( expand the conversation.
The photo of the person will show the default Facebook image ( the white outline on blue background ), but what interests us is the name. If the name of the person is black ( in bold ) and can not be clicked to visit the profile almost certainly the person has blocked you on Facebook.

Also when you try to send a message to the user, Facebook will return an error. This is because the lock prevents the sending and receiving of new messages from the two users.
A user with the account disabled would have the text bold “Facebook User” and not the real name. This gives us a first confirms that the user has blocked us on Facebook.

#2 Method


Another way to figure out if a user has blocked you on Facebook is to open a conversation with your friend and try to report it as spam. Re-open the message page and the conversation with the user. From the menu at the top right of the sprocket “Actions” choose “Report spam or abuse …”.
From the new window that opens then choose “Report one or more participants in the conversation for harassment or threats, or to have a compromised account.” And click OK. If the next window read “Operation prohibited” to the right of the name of the friend it mean they have blocked you.

#3 Method

This additional method is to use if you’ve never exchanged messages ( chat or messages ) on Facebook with the person you think you have been blocked. However, we need at least to know his username. The username is the URL that Facebook automatically assigns to each profile. If you try to visit any profile on Facebook you will notice that the URL is
Try to look for the person’s name on Google (search for “+ name + surname facebook”). If you find the URL of his / her profile will almost certainly try to visit it and you should see the error message “The page you requested was not found.”
Note the username you find the URL, and now visit the link Replace “username” with the username the friend / or question and press Enter. This is a tool that provides some information about any user, page, application, and object on Facebook.
If you can see the user informations ( such as id, name, first name, last name, username, etc.) Then the user is existing and active on Facebook and then you have been blocked.

A user who deleted or disabled their account does not give back the information through this tool.

#4 Method ( simplest )

Finally, the last method, the simplest and most obvious, is to ask a mutual friend if he can see the profile of the person you think you’ve been blocked. If the profile is visible to the friend in common then you are been blocked.

To conclude

If thanks to this article you found out that a friend / girlfriend blocked you or removed from the friends should not worry or feel irritated. If that person has decided to block you will have its reasons which should not interfere with your friendship in real life. Facebook is just a social network, a virtual place to stay in touch, do not let Facebook ruin a friendship or a relationship.



  1. Concelia says:

    How do I unblock someone

    • vaibhav says:

      Simple just open the profile ,and where you see the block option
      Concelia follow the tips step by step

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